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Endorsement enquiries
If you are a company or individual within the UK, Europe or the U.S.A. and are interested in endorsing or being endorsed by Diamond Bear Appaerl, e-mail:

Do you post worldwide?
Yes we post to every country in the world providing you give us a 100% correct postal address. There are added postal costs to post internationally.

How do I join the family?

How do I become a Premium Member?
Take your pick...
-Take a picture of yourself in your DB items and submit it to us.
If it makes the Gallery we’ll add you to our premium list!
-Having a decent amount of followers and promoting us from time to time.
-Going out of your way to support us outside Tumblr: be creative & imaginative!

What do I gain from being a Family Member?
We like to think of customers our friends who we share our products with
The members help us and in return we simply thank them by giving them things such as free items suck as stickers, promotion and news concerning limited releases which they can reserve.
We usually give away a lot to our Premium Members and more active Regular members.

Feel free to ask us questions >>here!<<